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May 26, 2023
Vaksmaa, Annika, 2023, "Supplementary data",, NIOZ, V11
For nanoSIMS measurements of R. mucilaginosa cells, we analyzed three sample sets: (i) the original inoculum (Control), (ii) after incubation with 13C-labelled polyethylene without and (iii) with UV-treatment. We measured a total of 1144 regions of interest (ROIs, i.e., correspon...
May 26, 2023
Vaksmaa, Annika, 2023, "Supplementary data",, NIOZ, V1
NanoSIMS measurements of R. mucilaginosa cells, where we analyzed three sample sets: (i) the original inoculum, (ii) after incubation with 13C-labelled polyethylene without and (iii) with UV-treatment. We measured a total of 1144 regions of interest (ROIs, i.e., corresponding to...
Apr 24, 2023
van Kemenade, Zo?; Cutmore, Anna; Hennekam, Rick; Hopmans, Ellen; van der Meer, Marcel; Moijtahid, Meryem; Jorissen, Frans; Bale, Nicole; Reichart, Gert-Jan; Sinninghe Damst?, Jaap; Rush, Darci, 2023, "Marine nitrogen cycling dynamics under altering redox conditions: insights from deposition of sapropels S1 and the ambiguous S2 in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea",, NIOZ, V7
The eastern Mediterranean Sea (EMS) sedimentary record is periodically interspersed with organic- rich ?sapropel? layers. Sapropels are characteristic of basin-wide anoxic events, triggered by precession-forced insolation maxima. Relatively subdued insolation maxima, however, are...
Apr 6, 2023
Duyck, Elodie; De Jong, Marieke Femke, 2023, "Full EGC-DrIFT 6h interpolated dataset",, NIOZ, V1
This dataset contains drifter data from 5 deployments at the East Greenland shelfbreak, in 2019, 2020 and 2021. The deployments were done at the latitudes of : 65N (August 2019), 79N (September 2019), 60N (July 2020), 66N (August 2021) and 70N (August 2021). The netcdf file conta...
Apr 4, 2023
Bijleveld, Allert Imre; Miguel, Simone; van Weerlee, Evaline; Holthuijsen, Sander; Folmer, Eelke Olov; van der Meer, Jaap; Piersma, Theunis; van der Veer, Henk, 2023, "Data from: Space-time analyses of sediment composition reveals synchronized dynamics at all intertidal flats in the Dutch Wadden Sea",, NIOZ, V1
Here we present median grain size (micrometer) and mud content (%) data of the entire intertidal Dutch Wadden Sea that was sampled every year between 2009 and 2019. As can be read in the accompanying paper, the raw data were taken on a 500 m grid and on randomly located stations....
Apr 3, 2023
Oortwijn, Tim; de Monte, Luc; Varley, Daniel P.; van der Meer, Marcel T.J.; van Gils, Jan A., 2023, "Tissue- and diet-dependent stable carbon and nitrogen isotope discrimination: a calibration study in a captive shorebird species",, NIOZ, V1
In ecology, stable-isotope ratios are widely used to determine diets of organisms and reconstruct food webs. This is usually done by analyzing the stable-isotope ratios of nitrogen (?15N), which increase with increasing trophic level, and those of carbon (?13C), which correlate w...
Mar 29, 2023
Brussaard, Corina; Piedade, Goncalo, 2023, "Influence of Irradiance and Temperature on the Virus MpoV-45T Infecting the Arctic Picophytoplankter Micromonas polaris - Data",, NIOZ, V1
Arctic marine ecosystems are currently undergoing rapid changes in temperature and light availability. Picophytoplankton, such as Micromonas polaris, are predicted to benefit from such changes. However, little is known about how these environmental changes affect the viruses that...
Mar 22, 2023
Lantink, M. L.; Lenstra, W. K.; Davies, J. H.; Hennekam, R.; Martin, D. McB.; Mason, P. R.; Reichart, G. J.; Slomp, C. P.; Hilgen, F. J., 2023, "Precessional pacing of early Proterozoic redox cycles - Data",, NIOZ, V2
This file contains raw X-ray fluorescence and line scan data of regular 'Knox cyclothem' alternations in two short intervals (J45de and J60d) of drill-core DD98SGP001. Core DD98SGP001 contains banded iron formation of the lower Paleoproterozoic Joffre Member of the Brockman Iron...
Mar 22, 2023
de Jong, M. Femke; Fried, Nora, 2021, "High-resolution current meter and hydrographic data from the Irminger Current mooring array 2018 - 2020",, NIOZ, V8
The Irminger Current mooring array consists of 5 subsurface ocean moorings in the Irminger Current on the Reykjanes Ridge in the North Atlantic Ocean. The fourth high-resolution data set of oceanographic variables from instrumentation of these moorings was collected from 16 of Ju...
Mar 22, 2023
Reichart , Gert-Jan, 2023, "Cruise Report 64PE407",, NIOZ, V1
Cruise Report for cruise nr. 64EP407; Public version (GDPR compliant)
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