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May 16, 2022
Duyck, Elodie; de Jong, Marieke Femke, 2021, "EGC-DrIFT drifter dataset Kulusuk deployment 2019",, NIOZ, V3
This dataset contains drifter data from an August 2019 deployment, at the east greenland shelfbreak, 65N. The netcdf file contains the positions, speeds, and measurements (Temperature and Salinity when available) of both CARTHE and SVP drifters.
May 16, 2022
Mienis, Furu, 2022, "ADCP data Whittard Canyon 64PE453-53",, NIOZ, V3
This dataset covers ADCP data collected in Whittard Canyon at 2200 m water depth. THe 75 kHz ADCP was upward looking and deployed in Whittard to monitor daily to seasonal changes in current speed and acoustic backscatter. Challenging the highstand-dormant paradigm for land-detach...
Apr 29, 2022
Oortwijn, Tim; de Fouw, Jimmy; Petersen, Jillian M.; van Gils, Jan, 2022, "Sulfur in lucinid bivalves inhibits intake rates of a molluscivore shorebird",, NIOZ, V3
A forager?s energy intake rate is usually constrained by a combination of handling time, encounter rate and digestion rate. On top of that, food intake may be constrained when a forager can only process a maximum amount of certain toxic compounds. The latter constraint is well de...
Mar 31, 2022
van Belzen, Jim; Fivash, Greg; Hu, Zhan; Bouma, Tjeerd; Herman, Peter, 2022, "A probabilistic framework for Windows of Opportunity: the role of temporal variability in critical transitions_supplementary material",, NIOZ, V2
The establishment of young organisms in harsh environments often requires a Window of Opportunity (WoO). That is, a short time window in which environmental conditions drop long enough below the hostile average level, giving the organism time to develop tolerance and transition i...
Mar 16, 2022
Bak, Rolf; Meesters, Erik; Haas, Andi, 2022, "Coralreef imagery Curacao 1973 (I-10)",, NIOZ, V8
This dataset covers the imagery from 1973 for transect I at 10 m water depth, as part of the long term monitoring program on coral reef dynamics in Curacao coastal waters (Rolf Bak, Erik Meesters & Andreas Haas). B&W negatives (Kodak Tri-X) were scanned with Epson Perfection V850...
Feb 21, 2022
de Jong, M. Femke; Fried, Nora, 2021, "High-resolution current meter and hydrographic data from the Irminger Current mooring array 2018 - 2020",, NIOZ, V7
The Irminger Current mooring array consists of 5 subsurface ocean moorings in the Irminger Current on the Reykjanes Ridge in the North Atlantic Ocean. The fourth high-resolution data set of oceanographic variables from instrumentation of these moorings was collected from 16 of Ju...
Dec 9, 2021
Weiss, Gabriella M.; Lattaud, Julie; van der Meer, Marcel T.J.; Eglinton, Timothy I., 2021, "Co-evolution of the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem in the Holocene Baltic Sea",, NIOZ, V2
The Baltic Sea experienced changes in marine input throughout the Holocene as substantial regional ice retreat led to isostatic adjustment, eustatic sea level change, and periodic isolation from the North Sea. Here, we determine the distributions and isotopic signatures of organi...
Dec 1, 2021
Hoekendijk, Jeroen, 2021, "Counting using deep learning regression gives value to ecological surveys.",, NIOZ, V4
Many ecological studies rely on count data and involve manual counting of objects of interest, which is time-consuming and especially disadvantageous when time in the field or lab is limited. However, an increasing number of works uses digital imagery, which opens opportunities t...
Nov 3, 2021
van Leeuwen, Sonja; Wagemaakers, Eric; Gerkema, Theo, 2021, "NIOZ jetty hourly data for temperature and salinity for 2020",, NIOZ, V1
NIOZ jetty LON=4.789E LAT=53.002N, using EXO sensor at depth of -1.5 meter NAP. Derived product from 10 second calibrated data. Separate calibration measurement at 2 week intervals.
Nov 2, 2021
Bom, Roeland, 2021, "Central-West Siberian-breeding Bar-tailed Godwits Limosa lapponica segregate in two morphologically distinct flyway populations",, NIOZ, V1
Long-distance migratory species often include multiple breeding populations, with distinct migration routes, wintering areas and annual-cycle timing. Detailed knowledge on population structure and migratory connectivity provides the basis for studies on the evolution of migration...
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