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Sep 24, 2022
Sinninghe Damste, Jaap, 2022, "Evaluation of the distributions of hydroxylated isoprenoidal GDGTs in Holocene Baltic Sea sediments for reconstruction of sea surface temperature: The effect of changing salinity",, NIOZ, V4
Hydroxylated glycerol dibiphytanyl glycerol tetraethers (OH-GDGTs) produced by both marine and freshwater thaumarchaea are increasingly used for the reconstruction of past sea surface temperature (SST). They occur throughout the modern Baltic Sea, but it is unknown if their OH-GD...
Sep 23, 2022
Camphuysen, Kees; Gear, Sheila, 2022, "Great Skuas and Northern Gannets on Foula, summer 2022 - an unprecedented, H5N1 related massacre",, NIOZ, V4
In summer 2022, a highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (HPAIV) H5N1 pandemic struck, affecting numerous species of colonial seabirds all over the Northern Hemisphere. Great skuas Stercorarius skua and Northern Gannets Morus bassanus were especially badly affected by the outbre...
Sep 15, 2022
Middag, Rob; van Manen, Mathijs; Tian, Hung-An; Laan, Patrick, 2022, "Trace Metals Amundsen Sea Araon ANA08B",, NIOZ, V2
Samples were collected onboard the South Korean icebreaker RV Araon during the ANA08B research expedition to the Amundsen Sea in the austral summer of 2017/2018. The sampling period spanned from the 24th of January to the 2nd of February 2018. A total of 10 full depth stations we...
Jul 29, 2022
Kentie, Rosemarie; Shamoun-Baranes, Judy; Spaans, Arie; Camphuysen, Kees, 2022, "Data from: Spatial patterns in age- and colony-specific survival in a long-lived seabird across 14 contrasting colonies",, NIOZ, V5
Demographic rates such as recruitment and survival probability can vary considerably among populations of the same species due to variation in underlying environmental processes. If environmental processes are spatially correlated, nearby populations are expected to have more sim...
Jul 4, 2022
Bom, Roeland, 2022, "Simple and complex burrow morphology in two Macrophthalmus species on the intertidal mudflats of Barr Al Hikman, Sultanate of Oman",, NIOZ, V3
Burrowing Ocypodoidea crabs are an abundant component of many tropical and temperate coastal areas and central to the ecosystem functioning, for instance because they recycle nutrients, are important food for many shorebirds and alter the sediment by their burrowing behaviour. Th...
May 16, 2022
Duyck, Elodie; de Jong, Marieke Femke, 2021, "EGC-DrIFT drifter dataset Kulusuk deployment 2019",, NIOZ, V3
This dataset contains drifter data from an August 2019 deployment, at the east greenland shelfbreak, 65N. The netcdf file contains the positions, speeds, and measurements (Temperature and Salinity when available) of both CARTHE and SVP drifters.
May 16, 2022
Mienis, Furu, 2022, "ADCP data Whittard Canyon 64PE453-53",, NIOZ, V3
This dataset covers ADCP data collected in Whittard Canyon at 2200 m water depth. THe 75 kHz ADCP was upward looking and deployed in Whittard to monitor daily to seasonal changes in current speed and acoustic backscatter. Challenging the highstand-dormant paradigm for land-detach...
Apr 29, 2022
Oortwijn, Tim; de Fouw, Jimmy; Petersen, Jillian M.; van Gils, Jan, 2022, "Sulfur in lucinid bivalves inhibits intake rates of a molluscivore shorebird",, NIOZ, V3
A forager?s energy intake rate is usually constrained by a combination of handling time, encounter rate and digestion rate. On top of that, food intake may be constrained when a forager can only process a maximum amount of certain toxic compounds. The latter constraint is well de...
Mar 31, 2022
van Belzen, Jim; Fivash, Greg; Hu, Zhan; Bouma, Tjeerd; Herman, Peter, 2022, "A probabilistic framework for Windows of Opportunity: the role of temporal variability in critical transitions_supplementary material",, NIOZ, V2
The establishment of young organisms in harsh environments often requires a Window of Opportunity (WoO). That is, a short time window in which environmental conditions drop long enough below the hostile average level, giving the organism time to develop tolerance and transition i...
Mar 16, 2022
Bak, Rolf; Meesters, Erik; Haas, Andi, 2022, "Coralreef imagery Curacao 1973 (I-10)",, NIOZ, V8
This dataset covers the imagery from 1973 for transect I at 10 m water depth, as part of the long term monitoring program on coral reef dynamics in Curacao coastal waters (Rolf Bak, Erik Meesters & Andreas Haas). B&W negatives (Kodak Tri-X) were scanned with Epson Perfection V850...
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